Community Development Strategy

Call them customers, members, influencers, or collaborators. Regardless of the term used, your business or organization has professional communities necessary to your success. Identifying, understanding, and developing these communities is often the key to growth. Createasphere is a specialist in this area . Our consulting approach will clarify your target communities, then create customized strategies to find and develop them. Once created, you can implement the strategy yourself, or we can provide assistance.

Community Engagement Strategy

Existing communities need ongoing nurturing and support to stay engaged. Many organizations spend extensive time acquiring new fans, simply to then ignore them once they have “opted in.” Our community engagement expertise will powerfully support your business by continuing to inform and excite the communities that represent the core of your success. Andonce the strategy is set, we are happy to assist with implementation at your request.

Marketing Review & Strategy

Marketing has changed..have you? Are your tactics still focused on talking at key customer profiles,  or are you building meaningful relationships,  and supportive communities? Createasphere can review your current plans and, if needed, work with you to develop or refine your strategy. Our process includes discovery to uncover your goals, an opportunity assessment to explore what is possible, followed by a detailed strategy you can either implement yourself or with our assistance.

Event Strategy, Design, and Production

Createasphere has a distinguished track record as the creator and producer of numerous community building events for the content creation. technology, and media industries. It’s where we got our start over 20 years ago. If your strategy includes a large-scale event, workshop, road show, awards, competition, or community summit, Createasphere is your partner. We guide you through the critical strategy and design process, then if you would like, we can handle the production, sponsorship development, and management of the event.

Strategic Introductions

Some of the biggest opportunities for growth hinge on who you know. Orin this case, who you know that knows. Our strategic Introduction service will identify who you should know, then using our extensive network, determine how to get you connected. After all, isn’t that what community building is all about?