Event Production & Management

So may we politely ask..? Is learning about hotel room attrition, leveraging discount packages, implementing VIP services, arranging to get equipment into India, or summoning the press pool, the best use of your time? Then please let us introduce ourselves. We are Createasphere, and we have designed and implemented more events, both nationally and internationally, over the past 20 years than you could ever imagine. We will make this very simple. Take a deep breath and call us. Now isn’t that better?

Product Seeding & Launching

The development dollars have been spent. Manufacturing has been perfected. Don’t drop the ball on the launch. As it’s said, you never get a second chance to make that very valuable first impression. That’s where we come in. Createasphere has been the common denominator of many successful launches. We can recruit early adopter success stories, implement the launch, then quickly follow with user education to build momentum. Think of it as a jump start to creating your new community of fans.